Memento Mori

Life encompasses both ends of the spectrum, the beginning and the end and everything in between. Even the things we consider permanent, the great formations of the earth and the monumental and small architectural feats wrought by man are gnawed at  by forces that work towards breaking everything  down to our original components.  This series of photographs—with the working title Memento Mori (remember you must die) are of remnants of lives and life lived. The photographs I’ve made so far are of newborns, the aged, homes left for time to reclaim, ancient ruins, geological formations, and homes left by the recently departed.

I consider a universal connection—a community I am a part of but also one in which I stand apart from in seeing it.  I don’t seek to answer any questions. As an absolute– that we have no choice what is to come, I look to make photographs that communicate what I observe and what I feel.